Ram Compare Urgent Info

News description: 

RamCompare’s second season of lambing is almost complete and early growth assessments are well underway on the participating farms. Data collection is gearing up with early results for rams involved in Phase I being published in November this year at Sheep Breeders Roundtable (17-19 November).


Details at http://www.signetfbc.co.uk/ramcompare/


Now that funding for RamCompare Phase II has been secured I am contacting you to draw your attention to our recent press release calling for Ram Nominations which are open now and will close on 26th June 2017 (copy enclosed).


This evening I have sent an email to all Signet Sheepbreeder members enclosing our nomination form together with the online link.


We would be delighted if your society would support our quest to reach out to all breeders with a potential interest in participating in phase II. We wondered if you would be able to provide a link through your own society website to http://www.signetfbc.co.uk/nominations-rams-semen-ramcompare/ for breeders to submit their online nominations for AI sires and new natural service rams for this mating season.


Our twitter account @RamCompare is kept up to date and we are happy for you to use the link through your own social media to encourage further interest if you wish – recent tweet “Ram nominations are now open for RamCompare Phase II visit http://www.signetfbc.co.uk/nominations-rams-semen-ramcompare/ …


I hope you find this of interest and am looking forward to seeing which rams are enrolled onto the project this year!